If you don’t have it already go get it!

I have always heard about IT Cosmetics but I never had myself buying something from this brand.

If I have to be completely honest I always thought that this brand was not really worth the hype, not really sure why though since I never tried any product.

On my last trip to Ulta I spent a whole lot of time at the IT Cosmetics display and I finally decided to give it a try and I bought a bunch of products.

I will review every single one of them, but I wanted to start from the one who surprised me the most.

I tried the “CC Cream your skin but better” and guuuuuurlsss lemme tell ya, this stuff is magic. It says it is full coverage, now I wouldn’t say it is full coverage. It is more medium coverage but let’s remember it is a CC cream so it is pretty good! It has a natural finish which I think this is the reason why it says “your skin but better” and I can only agree with that.

It is on the pricey side, it retails for 38$ at Ulta but it’s a good product so I don’t mind spending this much.

Drugstore foundation that passed the test

Hello everyone!

today I’ll be talking about drugstore foundations, hoping to make your exprience of choosing your next foundation a little easier.

i have been spending the last couple of months trying new foundations of a tons of different affordable brands because even though my favorite will always be a high end foundation i can’t always splurge on that, ya know 🙂 so yeah, let’s get started!!

My number one, go to, holy grail foundation is the L’oreal true match foundation.

I’m sure you have heard people raving about this product a lot and it’s pretty obvious since it’s freaking amazing!!

i bought it from Ulta where it retails for 9.99 dollars and t has a pretty good shades range for being a drugstore foundation as it comes in 24 shades, yes you read it right, 24!!

it has a nice natural finish and even though it is described to be a light to medium coverage i’d say it can be built to be full coverage without getting cakey. it last a long time as well which is very important too.

It does feel a little tacky, so if you are just like me and hate the tackiness i suggest you to set it with a powder.

Overall i think it is comparable with a lot of high brands foundations that won’t break the bank.loreal-true-match-foundation-sand-beige-review

Another foundation that surprised me was the wet n wild photo foundation.

It retails for 5 dollars!!!!! and it is AMAZING!

It comes in so many different shades as well, 18 shades, if I’m not mistaken.

it gives you a matte finish and it was tested and made to help prevent that ugly flashback in pictures and videos: it does not flash back! i tested it 🙂

it is a light to medium coverage foundation so if you’re looking for a full coverage foundation I wouldn’t get this.

It does last a decent amount of time but not as much as the L’oreal true match which is why this one it is not my favorite.

We are talking about a 5 dollars foundation and for that price i think it is really great and definitely wort a try.dsc01212

These are my favorite foundations you can get at the drugstore. I hope this will hwlp you atleast a bit to pick your next foundation.


Shade + light

Hello everyone 🙂

So today I thought to start my reviews with a gem.
A gem you say? Yup. Exactly.
I'm talking about the "shade + light" powder contour kit from Kat Von D.
I got it from Sephora in Italy for 45€ (in the USA it retails for 49$).This palette comes with 6 shades;
3 contouring shades and 3 highlighting shades. Awesome right? You can use this palette on you and your friends with different skin tones and you don't have to get a different contouring shades for when you get tanned lol All the shades are super pigmented and they are so easy to blend. I gotta tell you, girllllls, now that I have this palette my contour is on a new level.
About the highlighting shades, they're all very good but there is one I really want to talk about: the yellow one, in the center. That's awesome. I use it to set my concealer under my eyes and it does such a great job. It helps my concealer to stop from creasing and it keeps everything in place all day long. I would compare it to the banana powder from Ben nye.
I recommend you to splurge a little and go get this palette right meow, you won't regret it a promise.

This is it for today's review.
If you already purchased this palette let me know what you think about it and if you didn't but my review made you buy it let me know aswell 🙂

Let me introduce myself..

Hello everyone 🙂

my name is Giorgia, I’m a 25 years old italian girl living in Texas.

I’m one of those girls with a huge passion for make up but I’m also one of those girls who doesn’t know what the hell is doing with it 99% of the time.

I spend most of my free time watching makeup tutorials on youtube and I admire them so much for being so good with make up but at the same time i feel they’re too far from the everyday girl, so I figured I started this blog to share tricks and trips for and from girls who share the same love for makeup and that want to improve their technique but are not professionals.

I will be reviewing products and I will share my looks so that maybe I can help someone out there starting their journey in the makeup life:)